Tips For The Best Hunting Experience

Hunting has become a very popular activity for preppers and survivalists. If you are interested in the world of hunting, then there are so many things you need to know about. Most people see hunting as just picking their weapon and going to hunt, but it’s not as easy as that. There are very vital things you need to educate yourself about.  Afterall, it’s important to consider what you need to know so that you don’t get hunted instead.


Research, research, research!

Before you go hunting, do a research on whether your state allows for hunting and what are the regulations. Even if the regulations are many, make sure you go through all of them to know each and everything you need to know. Also, by doing the necessary research you will know what game is available and what are the weapons for the game of your choice. Now that you know which game is available and which weapons are allowed, seek to find out which seasons are available. Check and see if the season is on private or public property. If it’s public, then you are good to go. If it is private, then you may need to contact the owners and ask what is required.

Plan Ahead Of Your Hunt

Planning ahead of your actual hunt is very important. You have known the game, the area, and the regulations that govern the sport. You may not want to go through all this and end up in an area with lots and lots of animals you are looking for but no knife in your backpack and no way carry the meat back to your camp. When planning for the actual hunt think about even the smallest the details like, how long you are planning on going hunting, what the weather will be like, the number of people you are planning on going with, the place you will eat, cook, sleep, your license, etc… Plan ahead to make sure that you are well prepared and start putting together the needed supplies.

Practice With the Weapon You Will Be Using

This is very important and you should never it be the hindrance to your successful hunt. Practice makes perfect is very an important saying in outdoor hunting. This is more important especially for archery hunting. It can be great to set a target, range or measure the distance and hit the bull’s eye each time you are practicing, but this doesn’t always mean that you will hit the target when you are in the actual hunting. You have an animal in sight, your heart is pumping and your adrenaline is high. It may be hard to simulate, however it would be best to train in high adrenaline situations if possible. You may also want to train with obstacles in odd positions so that you know which angle you can use to hit the target. Quick shots will be your most shots, with sticks and branches in your way or even from kneeling and sitting positions.


Always be ready

If you are hunting for the first time, then be conscious of your surrounding. It’s not recommended to hunt alone in case of any injuries or accidents; rather, hunt with an experienced person. If you choose to go on your own, then tell a friend or relative where you’re going and inform them of the time you intend to return. Also, don’t bring small kids on your hunting spree since this may turn out to be dangerous and irresponsible. Moreover, never drink during or before a hunt, or engage in distracting, reckless, or destructive behavior while in the wild.

Keep in mind that there may be other hunters nearby. Ammunition can travel a long distance. Always look beyond the target before shooting so that you’re mindful of where your bullets will go. Keep the wind direction in mind, and that your target is an animal not a human before shooting. The rule of thumb is, never shoot at any movement or noise you hear. Also, remember that your adrenaline may overtake your emotions during a hunt and spoil your chances of catching your intended target. Thus, keep slow and keep low.


If you follow the above tips, your hunting will not only be safe but also memorable and fun!