Relax in Ocracoke

If you are looking for a summer vacation spot to enjoy the sun and a pleasant breeze, to read a book, to look for shellfish, observe wildlife and photograph nature, swim, fish, or learn to surf, Ocracoke is an ideal place.

BlacbeardOcracoke is known for its 25 kilometers of pristine beaches. In 2007, the island of Ocracoke was named the most beautiful beach in the United States. One of the main reasons for the charm of the island is that access is made only by a public ferry, by boat or private plane. There is also a maritime history rich in historical events. The famous pirate Blackbeard died in a combat in 1718 in Ocracoke.

The village has about 1000 residents year-round. There are very good restaurants and accommodations, including bed and breakfast, hotel rooms and villas as charming as well as well-appointed to rent for a duration of your choice. There are also many interesting shops to visit. In summer, there are great concerts at the Deepwater Theater and live music in several restaurants. You can go around the village by renting a golf cart or a bicycle and get a glimpse of the history by visiting the lighthouse built in 1823 and the local museum: Ocracoke Preservation Society. Computers with Wi-Fi access are available in the afternoon at the public library. Duck hunting is also possible, if you have such ambitions. You only need to get a duck hunt sink box,

Let me list the good qualities of the place for you: 

• It is an island: Ocracoke is a small island in the Outer Banks off North Carolina.

• Temperature: The sun is practically present every day in July. Burning heat, refreshing sea, caressing wind, everything you need for a vacation! • People: People are always nice in Ocracoke. You will have smiles everywhere! • Outer Banks: The Outer Banks are a small chain of sandy islands to which Ocracoke belongs. It is bordered by magnificent cedar shingle homes that you can rent. The beaches of the other islands are more frequented than those of Ocracoke.

• Ferries: If you arrive from the north, you will have to take the ferry from Swan Quarter to the island. If arriving from the south, you will take the ferry from Cedar Island. These two crossings have a duration of 2:30 h each. If you arrive from the east, you will take the ferry from Hatteras Island to Ocracoke. 60 minutes.

• The sea: It can be violent with its loud waves. People who go there regularly or who live there, enter without fear, cross the first line of waves and bath very easily. There are still periods of the day when the water is calmer. The water is not very cold but is refreshing! Ocracoke is known for its beautiful beaches.

• The beach: The first attraction of Ocracoke are the beaches. You want a beach with a lifeguard, a beach with people nearby or a place where you will find yourself alone? The decision is yours.

• Sunsets or sunrises: In Ocracoke, you can see as many sunsets as sunrises over the sea! In the morning, go to the beach to admire the incredible sunrises. In the evening, go to the Silver Lake wharf at the end of the village to watch the beautiful sunset.

• Wind: The wind is sweeping almost permanently! It seems that this is an incredible place to do kiting. Bring a traveling umbrella and use it to hide from the wind!

•The village: What a beautiful village! Tiny! If you want to rent a summer home, this is the ideal place. On the main street, you can walk along the tiny marina, buy fresh shrimps or drink a pitcher of beer in a small pub. You will also find small shops of local craftsmen. This is a place for hippies to relax.

• Ocracoke seafood : Visit the village to catch shrimp or fresh tuna..

The only disadvantage of the place is it’s distance. Of course, this also depends on where you live… After all, everything can be solved if you really want it. This place is really wonderful and calm and it is ideal for you if you want to relax and quit the world. Enjoy it, you won’t be disappointed…