Why Living with Animals is Good for the Elderly

Elderly people are important parts of society. But it is also a fact that many of them are underserved and overlooked. With many of their loved ones getting caught up in the hustles and bustles of the modern world, they tend to be left on the backburner most of the time. As this can certainly lead to a lonely existence, introducing pets to each other and to the lives of the seniors can be a good way to keep the blues at bay.

Living with animalsĀ can be the perfect solution to address many of the issues that the elderly population is facing. Here are some of the reasons why introducing pets to the lives of the elderly will be truly beneficial.

For companionship

Whether the elderly is staying in facilities for assisted living or staying alone at home, it can get lonely most of the time. Not having loved ones to interact with can easily cause depression to settle in. With a pet, the seniors will be introduced to another living being. Pets need looking after which is quite a good way to motivate the senior to get back their sense of purpose. It will give them a reason for waking up in the morning.

A good way to stay active

Staying active is often a challenge for a lot of seniors these days. With most leading a sedentary way of living, it can result in a myriad of health concerns. When there is an animal to keep them company, especially one as active as a dog, the seniors will need to be active to keep up with the pace of their pets. Whether it is just goofing around or taking regular walks, pets can motivate them to get up, get out of the house, and get a little physical.

It establishes a routine

Many seniors often struggle over the fact that they no longer have a job to get to every day. Many often find it a little overwhelming to plan their days when they do not really have many things to do and they have so many hours that need to be filled. Living with a pet allows a senior to have structure in his life. A pet has specific needs that should be fulfilled on a daily basis. This allows seniors to be motivated to get up in the morning and plan their days around their pet. Many of the home health agencies in Dallas TX take the benefits of animal care very seriously so they pet animals in their places.

Animals are great stress relievers

Seniors who have pets are less likely to experience stress when compared to elderly people that do not have them. Animals are always effective at calming people down. There are many studies that show how pets help in increasing the serotonin or the feel-good hormone in the bloodstream while reducing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the process. Whether it is cuddling with a dog or hugging a cat, the close connection that the seniors feel through physical contact with their pets is an effective way to calm down and to reduce stress.

Many of the issues that a lot of seniors are experiencing often stem from the fact that they get fewer interactions with their loved ones. Introducing a pet to their life can be an excellent way to turn things around. If you want a good reason for your elderly loved one to remain invested in life, getting him a pet would be the perfect idea.