About ducks

Ducks are the most adorable birds which belong to the waterfowl family. These aquatic birds are much smaller than geese and swans and are found both in sea water and fresh water. The name “Duck” was given to them because of their unique diving and eating skills. A young duck is known as duckling while a male is known as drake and female is known as duck.

ducksThey have a long-neck, flat and broad bill, scaled legs. They have a special coating on their wings due to which their wings never get wet even though they dive in water. This also allows them to fly as any predator comes closer to them. They feed on grasses, fishes, aquatic plants, insects, small amphibians, worms and small molluscs. Though everybody knows that ducks make a “quack-quack” sound but this is just a part of the truth. The truth is that along with the basic sound the ducks have the ability to make a wide range of calls like whistles, cooing, grunts and yodels.

Ducks generally breed once a year and most of the ducklings are orphaned due to the careless abandonment from the mother duck. Some hatch late while some are neglected by their mother ducks. If one wishes to see the eggs hatched, then they should be hatched by a broody hen artificially. Predators of ducks are another reason that they are unable to multiply in large numbers.

Predators like Pike, Crocodiles, Alligators, Hawks, Owls, Peregrine Falcon and Humans are some of the greatest predators of Ducks. Duck hunting in Ocracokea is a primarily outdoor sporting activity, though commercial hunting is prohibited in many countries. They are usually hunted in the crop fields where they feed, or most of the times they are hunted on the water bodies like rivers, lakes, ponds and swamps.

Generally, ducks are hunted in the autumn and winter seasons. These hunters use a variety of tools for hunting such as shotgun, ammunition, hunting blind, decoys, a boat and a duck call. All these tools help them in hunting a duck precisely. While decoys are used to lure these birds, blinds help to hide the entity of the hunter from the birds. Once these birds are in range, the hunters rise and shoot before these birds reach out of the range of the shooter. The hunters are well trained in using Duck calls and other simulated voices of birds to assure the duck that there is no danger around while trapping it.

Shotgun used in hunting is essential special camouflaged pattern guns with low metal finish are more preferred to reduce their visibility to the ducks. Ducks have sharp eyes and can easily recognize colors as compared to other birds. Non-Toxic Ammunition have been developed so as to kill ducks without injecting harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic in them. The increase in performance of the ammunition comes at a higher cost. Buckshot is legal in most of the countries.

Be it any case, ducks, duck eggs and duck meat all are some of the most favorite and common activities of the western countries.