10 Natural Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is becoming popular nowadays. It is a respiratory disease that is caused by one or more allergens. It makes the patient have breathing difficulties. Today’s lifestyle has contributed to increased asthma attacks. People are consuming too many processed foods. The air has been filled with many pollutants. All these increase the number of people suffering from this respiratory disease, says online doctor. If you are a victim of this disease, there is good news for you. There are several natural asthma remedies that have been proven to work. They are easy to find and implement. You do not have to incur a lot with these asthma remedies.

Drinking water in plenty
Drinking plenty of water is one asthma remedy that most people overlook. A dehydrated body can result in increased histamine levels in the blood. Histamine is associated with causing asthma attacks. By increasing water intake, you will dilute histamine levels in your blood.

Taking plenty of fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin C. This boosts the health of your lungs. A body with a poor supply of vitamin C can result in the lungs becoming dry. This is due to lack of adequate supply of hydration of the air route surfaces. This can result in an asthma attack. Increase fruits and vegetable intakes to ensure your body is adequately supplied with Vitamin C. Good examples of such fruits include lemons, papayas, strawberries and many more.

Taking honey can help in clearing the airway by clearing the mucus. This gives an asthma patient relief. One can eat it raw or drink it with water or milk.

Stress management
Living a stress-free life is another natural remedy for asthma. It helps in breathing and prevents asthmatic symptoms. This is the easiest remedy to implement. All you need is sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes and let your mind think about nothing. Focus on your breathing while doing this and you will have fought asthma attack with such a simple exercise.

Inhalation of Steam
Steam opens the blocked parts of your respiratory system. This is another simple remedy that you do not have to incur anything to implement. All you need is hot water in a bowl and towel. Wrap your face with the towel and keep your face over the hot water. Doing at least once daily can help in fighting this respiratory disease.

Taking hot coffee or Tea
The two act as a remedy for asthma in several ways. The caffeine in them places the role of an inhaler. Then the two being in liquid form, they will help to dilute the histamine in your blood. Then you open up your lungs by inhaling the steam without knowing.

Using Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil will decongest your respiratory system by breaking up the mucus. This helps in clearing room when the airways are inflamed.

Ginger helps in reducing inflammation and contraction in your respiratory system. This ensures you do not encounter asthma attacks on a regular basis.

Avoiding the main asthma attack triggers
An asthma attack is mostly a reaction to your body due to irritations from allergens. You should try to avoid the triggers that cause the disease. They could be outdoor or indoor contaminants like smoke, dust, choking smells from chemicals, and much more. Avoid acidic foods, fried foods, sugar and taking too many dairy products. They can cause phlegm asthma symptoms. Strive to take fresh foods to be on the safe side. Prevention is better than cure and you should avoid as much as you can to encounter such elements and triggers.

Exercising plays a great role in maintaining the overall health of your body. Moderate exercising can be a natural remedy for asthma. You should try activities like yoga, aerobic, and stretching. Ensure you warm up before getting into action and never exercise in the cold or dry air.

If you are one of the many people suffering from asthma, the above 10 natural asthma remedies can help you in controlling your asthma. They will save you money and time. They offer the same results prescription drugs offer. The better part is they do not have any side effects and readily available in your home.